Christmas lands in La Garrotxa

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Christmas colors the atmosphere with good intentions and fills the streets with joy and emotion. Selfless actions flow like snowballs in a heavy snowfall a Moscow and the rumble of the lottery hype tempts us during the last days before the draws: Nadal, fata and boy make up the “sota, caballo y rey” of this country’s most playful Christmas tradition, without overlooking the acclaimed and stocky which of Christmas.

Our beloved region of La Garrotxa welcomes through the big door to all the characters in charge of turning these festivities into distilled experiences and producing unforgettable memories. What will our favorite region have in store for us this special weekend..?

Easy to guess if you try a little hard you will surely get the tangle out. The Ice Rink will be inaugurated this Friday and will be available until January 8 in the Plaça Major d’Olot , an activity suitable for both adults and children. The long-awaited Pastorets who will not be missing from the annual event, will give us an excellent Christmas performance in the Els Catòlics space. Activities such as The Mercat Solidari , Nadales , El Tió and much more will put the final star on the beautiful symbolic Christmas tree that will make up our beloved region of La Garrotxa .

So you know, we meet in the volcanic lands to experience a weekend in full consumerist and sentimental eruption, a unique and difficult mixture to marry but which during the last month of the year seems to possess an inexhaustible vitality of fuel .

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