Adapted hot air balloon ride

  • Exclusive adapted facilities with private parking.
  • Welcome coffee and pastries.
  • Experienced pilots who know the territory.
  • Adapted basket with adjustable electric seat.
  • Flight between 1h and 1h 30 min. over the volcanic zone.
  • Toast with sparkling wine and special cake during the flight.
  • Vehicle adapted to return to Vol de Coloms.
  • Brunch with local products.
  • Flight certificate signed by pilot and ground crew.
from 190€
from 210€


Hot air ballon ride

Adapted hot air balloon ride for old people, wheelchairs users or with reduced mobility. A dream of flying can be true at Vol de Coloms, where all services and installations are 100% accessible for people of reduced mobility. 
We offer you the chance to fly over La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. Flying in an adapted hot air balloon, whose basket has been specially adapted for people with reduced mobility. A fully opening door and two adjustable hydraulic seats that can be raised to any height to give you a perfect view of the landscape of La Garrotxa. 
The activity begins early in the morning (between 6:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., according to the season) in Vol de Coloms facilities, next to Croscat volcano. You enjoy a cup of coffee and a pastry meanwhile we are preparing the hot air balloons. 
You can take as many photos as you wish and help us preparing the balloons. We provide you with a unique experience of flying in an adapted hot air balloon over the volcanoes of La Garrotxa. At the same time, enjoy a glass of cava rosé and a slice of coca de llardons, a typical savoury pastry from Olot. 
Once back on earth, our ground team who  follow the flight all the way, pick us up in our 4×4 vehicle and take us to enjoy a hearty cooked breakfast of bread and tomato, Santa Pau haricot beans and botifarra a catalan national dish. Moreover, we offer you desserts from Cooperativa la Fageda, wine, coffee and ratafia, a local herbal liquor. 
Finally, we give you a flight diploma. 
Enjoy the adapted hot air balloon ride, an experience that you will never forget.

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