Exclusive balloon flight for 2 in La Garrotxa

  • Exclusive facilities with private parking.
  • Welcome coffee and pastries.
  • Experienced pilots who know the territory.
  • Private basket for two people with table and seats. 
  • Flight between 1h and 1h 30 min. over the volcanic zone.
  • Special message on the ground when you take off. 
  • Special song during the flight. 
  • Toast with sparkling wine, chocolate, strawberry and special cake during the flight. 
  • Brunch with local products.
  • Flight certificate signed by pilot and ground crew.
from 980€
from 1560€


Hot air ballon ride

A different and unique way of proposing to your partner! An exclusive balloon flight for 2. This experience is a hot-air balloon flight in la Garrotxa for just the two of you in a basket designed for special events. 
Contemplate the landscape below as you share a truly magical moment. An intimate experience and a chance to surprise the person you love by proposing at a height of 2,000 m above the ground – or why not as a birthday or anniversary gift, or to celebrate whatever special occasion you fancy?
The activity begins bright and early in the morning (between 06:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., according to the season) in Vol de Coloms facilities, next to Croscat volcano.
You enjoy a cup of coffee and a pastry meanwhile we are preparing the hot air balloons
When the flight begins and the balloon takes off, your partner will see the words Will you marry me? or I love you or Congratulations – or whatever you want – spelled out on the ground below. 
And to truly mark the occasion, you can drink a toast of cava on board accompanied by delicious chocolates, strawberries, local cakes, etc.. 
Once on land, the rescue team, which has been following us all the way, picks us up and takes us to make a good breakfast. You can taste bread with tomato and sausage, Santa Pau beans with grilled sausage, desserts from the Cooperativa la Fageda, wine, ratafía and coffee. 
At the end we give you a flight certificate. 
An unforgettable and singular way to propose. A wonderful birthday surprise in la Garrotxa! 
Together you will float along the invisible trails in the sky and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the ground below. 
An unbeatable way of enjoying new sensations and providing memories that you will be hard pressed to beat. 
An exclusive balloon flight for 2 to match up to your aspirations!
hot air balloon
hot air balloon

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