Details that excite, that awaken sensations, that are remembered forever, with incalculable value for the person who receives them… And at no additional cost!

A hot air balloon flight is already a unique experience. Do you also want to make it an exclusive gift? Make it unique for that special someone? Make it a memory forever? Do you want to surprise your partner? Your mom? Your father? your children? Wedding anniversary?

balloon flight sensations

Message to straw bales

— Congratulations!
— Will you marry me?
— It’s a girl!
— Etc.

Until we have taken off, the lucky person will not see the message, it will be hidden. It will be at the moment of take-off that you will see the surprise!

Blow the candles

— On a cake
— On top of the lardon cake
— With a glass of cold cava
— Etc.

As long as we haven’t taken off, the lucky person will feel one more of the flight, as if nothing happened. It will be when we are flying that he will receive the surprise!