Frequently asked questions

We do hot air balloon flights all year round, weekdays and weekends. You can fly in every season of the year thanks to the microclimate we have in La Garrotxa. Although it is colder in winter, it has the advantage that the atmosphere is cleaner and we have more visibility.

Anyone can fly, but we advise against the activity for pregnant women and children under the age of 5.

We mean the night before the flight as an accommodation reservation.

At the time of making the reservation you can pay us the full amount or a down payment:

The entire amount: This is usually when a gift is given with an open date and no expiration date.

The advance or deposit: it is usually when the person making the reservation comes to do the experience, a part of the total is paid.

The rest of the amount: will be paid, in cash or by card, on the day of the flight, at our facilities.

The person you give the gift to can come whenever they want. At Vol de Coloms, the gift never expires and does not have any extra added until a year has passed since the reservation was made, which then may have an increase in the event that the price of some of the products that have been given away.

Yes, on all products on the web

No. The fact that there is no connection with the ground means that you do not experience a feeling of vertigo.

No problem, all our baskets have a door, designed and adapted for the elderly, people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs.

We recommend wearing regular clothes for the season and comfortable shoes. In the early morning you need to be a little warmer because it is colder. The temperature in flight is the same as below.

Two days before the flight we contact passengers to inform them of the weather forecast. If there is a forecast of rain the day before the flight, we postpone the flight and look for another date.

It can also happen that the forecast is favorable for flying and on the morning of the flight the conditions are not good due to wind or rain. In this case the pilot decides to postpone it and postpone it for another day.

In no case is the flight missed, another date will always be sought.

Because it is when the wind is calmer and the atmosphere colder and more stable. Hot air balloons do not fly in the middle of the day because of the thermal currents caused by the heat of the sun.

It does not pose any inconvenience. If you or the people to whom you give the gift have any intolerance, either with dried fruit, gluten, lactose… or if they are vegan or vegetarian, just let us know.

In the restaurant’s kitchen, we can prepare what suits us, both in terms of the products we give during the flight and in relation to the farmer’s breakfast we make after the trip.

The capacity of the restaurant is limited, so we cannot guarantee that companions can come to breakfast.

Everything will depend on the people we have to fly that day. If they can, the price of the meal is €20 per adult and €10 per child.