Routes in La Garrotxa, nature in its purest state

Breathe pure air, admire nature, get lost in magical forests, listen in silence to the murmur of the river’s water. These are some of the many sensations we feel when we do routes in La Garrotxa.

From 1514 meters, the Puigsacalm, the second highest mountain in La Garrotxa, gives us a perspective of the whole region. Through different possible routes we can reach the top of the most significant mountain: leaving Joanetes, Sant Privat or from the Bracons pass.

A few kilometers away, the water is thrown in a free fall of one hundred and fifteen meters high, forming one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Garrotxa. The Salt del Sallent, the beginning of the tributary that will end in the Riu Fluvià, responsible for collecting all the water from the different river currents. One of the most important in Alta Garrotxa is the Llierca, with a point of great beauty: a fourteenth-century bridge with a large gorge, where the most daring jump from 28 meters high.

The routes to the garrotxa are endless and for all levels. From the gentlest ones to see the volcanoes or the Fageda, to those with a steeper gradient such as the Camí Ral. Old road that connected the cities of Olot and Vic, where the estraperlo was practiced, especially of food products.

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