Breakfast at Vol de Coloms

From the beginning, the goal of the Colom brothers was to create a tourist activity to promote the region of La Garrotxa. In addition to having the original idea of showing the region from a balloon. They thought it would be interesting to complete the experience, letting them try the gastronomy of the area with a breakfast at Vol de Coloms.

In the beginning, this breakfast was held at the Fageda campsite, an accommodation next to the field where the balloons took off. A few years later, with the growth of the company, it was possible to build its own facilities with the car park, the bar to make coffee before the flight, the take-off field, the restaurant to make breakfast, the offices and the garages to store everything we need to fly.

The restaurant is a large room with large tables where all the people who made the flight, the pilot and the ground staff eat.

Breakfast at Vol de Coloms starts with bread with tomato and sausage. La Garrotxa has a great tradition of slaughtering pigs and that is why we offer a good selection of sausages from local producers. It’s typical in Catalonia to eat the sausage with toasted bread with tomato and a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Once all the sausage is finished, we serve the Santa Pau beans with grilled sausage. The beans are very special because they are grown in volcanic soil which gives them a special taste. To accompany the beans and the meat we bring a sauce called alioli, made with garlic and oil.

All this food makes you very thirsty and that’s why we leave porrons, a Catalan bowl with red and rosé wine, from Empordá, a neighboring region. In addition there is also water, soft drinks or beer.

There is no good breakfast without dessert and that is why we bring a basket with different products from the Cooperativa la Fageda. A social company that, in addition to making top quality products, employs people with different abilities.

To finish breakfast at Vol de Coloms, you have some coffee, tea, infusion… and a shot of Russet ratafia. This liqueur made with brandy, green walnuts and more than 40 aromatic herbs.

With this digestive we end the experience of the balloon flight in La Garrotxa, having shared a good time observing the volcanoes from the sky and having breakfast.

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