Carnival is here! Enjoy the weekend

For Carnival, anything goes! Weekend of fun, rhythm and color in the capital of La Garrotxa. As usual, a week after being celebrated in most cities in Catalonia and in Spain, Olot has everything ready to fill the streets with confetti, music and the most elaborate costumes. After months of preparation, hundreds of people will gather with troupes and floats to fill the streets with party and joy.

The Carnival King and Queen are the ones who mark the authority during these days of fun. This year they star Lluís Danés and Gemma Masó from Els Macus de les Preses. They have represented Olot in the carnivals of the Girona’s towns and this weekend they will do so in the capital of La Garrotxa. In fact, as tradition dictates, they are in charge of governing, during these days, an upside-down world where instincts are not repressed. Hence the saying “For carnival, everything is worth it” or many others also known as, for example: “wedding for carnival, wedding that nothing is worth”.

In Olot, the carnival is a week later so as not to coincide with the rest of Girona’s towns. Although the level of costumes in our region has nothing to envy to the others, celebrating it the following weekend allows the participation in the street of troupes and floats from towns such as Platja d’Aro or Palamós which are well known everywhere.

The main day of the Olot Carnival is Saturday, February 25, 2023. Early in the morning the King and Queen will walk through the center of the city to warm up the atmosphere. They will be accompanied by the shop window of many shops decorated for the occasion.

The GRAN RUA DE CARNAVAL will start at 5pm and will run along Avinguda Santa Coloma until reaching Plaça Clarà. During the itinerary, a large audience gathers to see the creations of costumes and floats that the gangs have been preparing for weeks and months

The party lasts all day. On the same Saturday, there is a dinner in the Fair Pavilion with all the participating gangs who want it, the floats and troupes contest prizes are awarded and there is dancing all night long.

You know, then:

If you want to come and see Rua del Carnaval d’Olot (carnival parade in Olot) and come fly with us, this is your weekend: fun and fulfilling.

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