Hot air balloon flight in Catalonia

Hot air balloon flight in Catalonia is a widespread practice. A journey that all those who experience it would repeat.

The Garrotxa region is one of the most spectacular in Catalonia for its orography. Its relief can be seen from the air, and it’s a great way to see it in its entirety. Ballooning allows you to enjoy these views at any time of the year.

Our company, Vol de Coloms has 5 balloons with a total capacity of more than 60 passengers. Aircraft manufactured by Ultramàgic, the second largest manufacturer in the world and the only one in Spain of hot air balloons. The annual production of the company, located in Igualada, is between 80 and 120 balloons, 80% of which is destined for export.

The volume of each envelope is tied to the volume of the basket. In Vol de Coloms, the baskets are for 8, 10, 12 and 16 passengers. We also have baskets adapted for people with disabilities that have hydraulic seats that allow the traveler to enjoy a balloon flight with maximum comfort and excellent visibility. In addition, all the baskets have a door, which makes accessibility more comfortable for passengers who need it.

We also offer exclusive hot air balloon flights for all those who want to live the experience only as a couple or in groups of 4 people. We have prepared the baskets so that the traveler can enjoy the experience only with his own.

But apart from the flight, what makes us different from the rest are our facilities. In Vol de Coloms we have all the services in the same space, in the middle of the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa. Here, next to the Croscat volcano, you will find our area, from where all the balloons take off togethe, the bar-restaurant where we offer you a breakfast before the flight and another, the farmer’s, after having made the balloon flight, private parking and offices.

The landing area is the only one that we can’t include in our beautiful and well-kept enclosure as every day, and depending on the wind, it lands in a different place. The wind is in control. But once on the ground, our ground team is responsible for transporting all passengers to the point of origin and where the experience ends, with full breakfast: bread with tomato, sausage, beans Santa Pau with grilled sausage, desserts from Cooperativa La Fageda and coffees. And so that you don’t forget such a different and special day, we will give you a flight diploma signed by your pilot.

If you want to take a hot air balloon flight in Catalonia, choose La Garrotxa!

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