Hot air balloon ride during the summer

In the summer, a season that there are many people waits to enjoy the working holidays, discovering new places and doing activities that they never did before.

A good activity could be a hot air balloon ride in La Garrotxa. An experience that we do throughout the year and each season. So why choose summer to fly in a balloon?

First of all, we can say that it is the time of year when fewer reservations are suspended due to the weather. We are lucky that in summer the rainfall is concentrated in the afternoon and allows us to fly in the morning. At the same time, they clean the atmosphere and improve the view of the next day.

Secondly the landscape. The fields of the different colors depending on the crop; yellows, greens and browns create a very curious collage. As it is mowing time you can see the straw bales that create amazing designs.

In addition, you can enjoy the views of the landscape of La Garrotxa; the volcanoes, the Pyrenees, the forests, the mountain ranges, the valleys, the different towns, etc.

Third, come during the week. Like some people have holidays, it is ideal to come and fly from Monday to Friday. Days that the flight is cheaper than on the weekend.

Fourth, the temperature, we leave early in the morning when the coolness of the night is still maintained. This allows us to avoid the high temperatures of noon.

In addition, as we get up very early, it allows us to see how the day rises, and how the sun rises over the Mediterranean Sea.

Each season has its things and every balloon flight will be different, but what we are sure that it will be an unforgettable experience.

So you know…


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