January and February promotions, fly during the season with better visibility

We want you to enjoy a balloon flight during the season with the best visibility of the year. For this, we offer you the January and February promotions.

We have created experiences with discounts on the price of the flight, accommodation and activities.

Contrary to what it may seem, winter has great advantages; the first one and most important is that it is the time with the best visibility of the year. The cold makes the atmosphere cleaner, which gives us a very good view of Montserrat, the Gulf of Roses, the Pyrenees, etc.

Secondly, we can enjoy the snow-capped Pyrenees, a beautiful picture that only you can see a few months during the year.

Third, the discounts we apply to experiences. Being a season with less movement of people in the region, we can make very interesting discounts to be able to offer you unique prices during this time of year.

Fourth, discover the volcanoes and the natural territory of La Garrotxa. A different and special landscape in each season.

These are some of the advantages of coming to fly in the winter. However, only you can check coming to fly and seeing that this less attractive time a priori is very attractive a posteriori.

Take advantage of the January and February promotions coming to sleep at the Hotel Vall de Bas or Mas el Ferrés and then fly. Or make the flight and meet the Fageda doing a carriage ride or visiting the Cooperativa de la Fageda. These are some of the promotions to enjoy a great experience during the winter.

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