Original gifts for Christmas

It’s that beautiful time of the year that makes us excited to give gifts to the people we love. The boys and girls tell us how excited they are when they see that Christmas is approaching; they start making the advent calendar, make the letter to Santa Claus, decorate the house… And while the little ones are very excited, the grown-ups have to look for original gifts for Christmas.

Now that we have so many material things and sometimes we no longer know what to give, experiences have become a good idea for Christmas. Our daily habits mean that sometimes we don’t think about different activities. And these occasions can be a good time to gift different experiences.

In La Garrotxa, thirty years ago the Colom brothers had the idea of making a very beautiful one. For some it could be crazy, but they believed it would be a unique and different way to get to know this region.

Enjoying the tranquility that floats in the air gives you is already something exceptional, but if you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy the landscape we have in La Garrotxa, it already turns it into something magical.

Sometimes you don’t have to go far to see and live unique experiences, nor do you have to buy very expensive things to surprise people. With a balloon flight over the Garrotxa volcanoes, you have enough to give the gift that will make anyone you give it to smile.

You know, then:


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