The explosion of life and colors of spring.

Life returns to La Garrotxa, after the long winter, nature revives. Flowers begin to bloom, trees sprout, and animals emerge from their hiding places. Spring visits us again full of colors and new energy.

Agriculture starts again after a few months of less activity. The fields take on green hues from the new crops, yellow from the rapeseed flower, and brown from those that are not yet planted.

The mountains, meadows, and forests come back to life and take on the color of the trees that sprout again, after a few months of being completely naked.

The sun, already closer to us and present for more hours of the day, gives us the energy that causes this resurgence and activation of life.

Some changes that we are lucky to be able to see from the hot air balloon. An activity that we want to share with you so that you also have the opportunity to experience this transformation.

Show you how the Croscat volcano or the Santa Margarida volcano regains its greenery. As the beech becomes a lake of leaves. As the villages are invaded by the greenery of the trees. Lots of landscapes that thanks to balloon, you can be dazzled watching them.

Spring is a very interesting season to enjoy in our region that has managed to combine human life with the environment.

So you know…


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