The gift of flying over La Garrotxa

Our beloved region of Garrotxa welcomes Christmas with open arms. In these days of immediacy and stress prevailing in the society we live in, there is nothing better than giving something that allows you to keep your feet off the ground even for a while.

So what is a hot air balloon ride? A unique and unrepeatable experience. Many times in life we ​​are on the moon, as if there was a refuge, but few times we try to charm ourselves in an intermediate journey. From Vol de Coloms we know perfectly well the wonders that the clouds hide. Come take a flight with us and discover the hidden side of the sky.

Are you thinking of spending a few days in La Garrotxa and want to live a unique experience? From Vol de Coloms we offer you the best balloon flights, the experience you have to live. Come and enjoy the best of the region by clicking here !