Ecotourism in the Garrotxa region

The environment has long been complaining about the human footprint. Over the last few years, many people have been warning us that we need to do something to reduce pollution and mass consumption around the world. All this need for resources and waste that we generate is seriously harming the planet. As a result of this problem, the ecotourism movement has emerged in the tourism sector.

But what is ecotourism? It is the set of tourist activities that are focused on offering services in a sustainable way, that preserve the environment and take care of it. We are looking for a contemplative tourism, in contact with nature and aware that we are entering an ecosystem where each element has its function.

At the state level, the “soy ecoturista” association emerged to launch cooperative and innovative actions to promote natural tourism and ecotourism in protected areas. It helps the natural regions to develop a conscious and sustainable tourism.

One of the actions is to survey visitors from different natural areas in order to analyze the situation and what can be done to improve it. They ask us to invite the people who do our activity, to leave their opinion. In a very easy and fast way you can answer the questions that help us create a better destination. In addition, in order to encourage participation, people who answer the survey can win a stay for two people in an ecotourism destination.

In case you want to do it, just have to follow the link. Inside you will find a section to write our code (GAXvol). From here you only need to answer the questions based on your experience in the area. That way you will have easily helped to create a more sustainable world.

SoyEcoturista survey

We believe that it is very important to take care of the natural landscape that we still have, as nature gives us everything we need to survive. Without it we could not exist, so it is crucial to be aware of the impact we leave when we go to visit a place.

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