Beech forest in the middle of volcanoes

The Garrotxa region is known for its natural charm, 80% of the territory is covered by forest. This reduction of nature in recent years were due to the protection of two areas: the Alta Garrotxa area of Natural Interest and the Garrotxa volcanic area with the Fageda d’en Jordà forest an important beech forest.

For a few years, the region suffered a natural setback due to the economic activities. The need for wood charcoal and fields for agriculture and livestock caused the deforestation of many forests in La Garrotxa. On the other hand, the need for construction materials destroyed different natural landscapes. Some examples are the Croscat volcano quarry and the Boscarró and the Molí Fondo quarry.

The destruction of these natural spaces gave rise to a movement to protect all these areas that were being destroyed. Focusing on the surroundings of the beech forest, at the beginning of the seventies starts a movement to explain what was happening. This voice grew to the point of being able to create the promoter commission for the protection of the volcanic zone. The pressure of the people made the Generalitat de Catalunya, in 1982, drafted a law for the protection of the volcanic zone of La Garrotxa, cataloging the area as a Natural Site of Natural Interest. In this way, the protection and conservation of the flora, fauna and volcanic soil was ensured.

Thanks to this action, nature was able to recover and now we can enjoy this beautiful natural environment that we now fly over. A very special space in the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone is the Fageda d’en Jordà.

This forest is unique, because it has grown on top of the lava flow from the Croscat volcano. It is located on flat land, with small elevations of volcanic terrain, only 550 meters above sea level. Beech are trees that grow in oceanic and humid climate. Despite being a Mediterranean area, rainfall in La Garrotxa is very abundant, so the beech forests have the conditions to grow.

La Fageda d’en Jordà occupies about 700 hectares, the trees about 30 meters high create, under their leaves, a magical environment. For many artists it was and is a space of inspiration where they created and continue to create their works of art.

We are lucky that in Vol de Coloms, we can see the Fageda d’en Jordà from a unique perspective. From the sky we see the foliage of the beech trees that create a calm and peaceful world, under the roof of their leaves.

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