Espai cràter, live among volcanoes!

Today, Friday, March 11, 2022, Olot opens its doors, a long-awaited equipment: the Espai Cràter. This is an interactive museum that replaces the old Volcano Museum, located in the Parc Nou and which has become obsolete.

The new facility is located in the Puig del Roser which, for those who do not know, is also a volcano located in the city. The building is semi-underground and was built using volcanic materials, simulating a volcano.

After several open days for different economic and social sectors of the city, the museum open their door for all the publics. You can by buy the ticket in theii.

The Espai Cràter has an exhibition and teaching room that allows visitors to interact. You will find screens with question games to find out what you know about volcanoes in general and those of La Garrotxa in particular, a model with videomapping that explains, in a very visual way, the formation of the region, an interactive proposal that allows you to record the seismic movement of each person, there will be family workshops with different levels of education, etc.

Meanwhile, outsidethe museum, it has been used to build a new park that symbolizes a hill, a typical landscape of La Garrotxa. It has an area of 3,500 m2 and trees of native species such as walnuts, oaks and beeches have been planted.

The Espai Cràter complements the city’s offer and reveals the volcanology of the area from the inside. We, Vol de Coloms, make it known from the air.

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