A quiet adventure to discover the Garrotxa.

Hot air balloon ride is a very different adventure than one you have ever had. We take off next to the Croscat volcano and climb up to about 2000 meters to see the volcanic area of La Garrotxa from a different perspective.

The wind is responsible for moving us to one area or another of the territory. Despite being a very quiet activity, we consider it an adventure.

We think so because we never know where we are going. The balloon is an aircraft that cannot control the direction, so we move according to the wind’s direction.

The pilot only has the ability to do two things; raising and lowering the height, heating or letting the air inside the sail cool. And turn the balloon on itself, letting air in through some openings in the sides of the fabric, causing it to turn right or left.

With these few weapons, the pilot only thing that the pilot can do, is try to stay in the heights that have the best direction to go to an area where you can have more places to land.

Once it has flown for an hour, like an eagle looking for a prey, the pilot will start looking at which roads, fields … it has a front and they are good for landing. The moment he sees a space large enough, he lets the air cool to descend.

Since we never know where we will go, we have a ground crew following us with the cars in order to load the aircraft and return to Vol de Coloms. The adventure continues after the flight because once we land we need to be able to leave the place where we landed. A job that is sometimes more complicated than we might think due to the territory we have full of forests, rivers, towns and mountains.

These facts make the flight different every day and we live a unique adventure in each flights that we do during the year.

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