Exclusive experience in La Garrotxa

Hot air ballon in a basket just for you. We offer you this exclusive experience between volcanoes without having to share the basket with anyone.

We have two baskets to do an exclusive balloon flight;

The first basket is the one we have to carry eight passengers. On occasions when it is exclusive we remove the separation that divides the basket into two compartments, leaving only one space. When it is a flight for two people, there is the possibility to add two hydraulic seats that go up and down in order to see the landscape perfectly. In the middle of the two seats we incorporate a table to put the bottle of cava and something to eat.

We also use this same balloon for groups of up to eight people who want to go alone, without other reservations. The basket stays the same without removing the separation.

The second basket was created specifically to make an exclusive balloon flight for four people. It is very different from the other balloons, as it consists of four seats located in front of the pilot. You could say it’s like being in the cinema watching a live report on the volcanic area of La Garrotxa. The whole landscape is in front and the pilot rotates the balloon on himself in order to have a 360º perspective.

This unique experience is a great way to celebrate special occasions; the birthday of a friend or family member, asking the couple for marriage, celebrating retirement with co-workers … However, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion either, you can come to have a good time with the people you love and appreciate the most.

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