New Besalú balloon

After a few years and many hours of flying, we have to change the balloon Besalú. All envelopes have a useful life due to the degradation of the sun and the heat of the flames.

In this case we have change the white and green envelope of the Besalú balloon for this new black and gray sail like the rest of the fleet that we have been renewing. We use these colors because they have a slower wear than others. Consequently a longer durability.

The characteristics of the balloon have changed a bit, we have made a balloon bigger than the old one. The previous one was an N300 that had a volume of 8,500m3 of air and now is an N355B that has risen to 11,000m3. This change allows us to carry a basket for 16 people, which could only carry the Santa Pau balloon.

Right now, after this renovation we have 6 balloons; the smallest one, La Fageda balloon, the Olot, Garrotxa and Vol de Coloms balloons of the same size as the old Besalú balloon and the new Besalú and Santa Pau the greatest in the fleet.

This changes are essential to have a safe activity. Thanks to the maintenance measures and the rigorous annual safety checks, make us have our aircraft in the best conditions to fly and enjoy the experience..

So you know…


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