From electronic music to flying over the Garrotxa

Electronic music is a genre that has been gaining strength in recent decades, a very influential artistic current in our society that has shaped musical trends on a global scale. From Daft Punk to Rosalía , they have all interfered in our lives directly or indirectly to such an extent that almost the simplest musician uses it. The ear gets used to perfection and then we find it difficult to digest purely acoustic songs. It’s like when little kids see cartoons designed in 3D and then they’re made to watch a Disney movie from the 80s – most of them don’t like it.

Listening to music is one of the greatest pleasures we humans have. But there are many more things to enjoy in this life, and a great example is flying in a hot air balloon . They say there’s no feeling like it, and that every experience is genuinely unique in this lifetime. Happiness is concentrated in nothing and in the end what we are left with is everything we have experienced, whether it is good or not so good. Taking advantage of every moment is what we should all be doing and often we don’t remember. That’s why we recommend a meeting among the clouds, so that you realize once again how insignificant we are.

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