monthly Instagram draw

We start a new monthly Instagram draw. After running the photo contest for three years, we begin another a new proposal to participate in our social networks.

We are lucky that the hot air balloon flight in La Garrotxa is an experience that allows you to enjoy the landscape in a different way. Observe volcanoes from a unique perspective. Each person has their own and that’s why we want you to capture and share yours.

How to enter the Instagram draw:

To be able to participate, only 3 steps are necessary:

  1. Take a photo or video of the balloon flight experience with Vol de Coloms.
  2. Tag Vol de Coloms account.
  3. Post the image or video to your Instagram app stories.

You can post as many stories as you want, all you have to think about is tagging us. Stories can be posted with the pictures or videos you’ve taken, or a feed post you’ve made can be shared to Stories. Everything is valid.

All people who have followed the steps will enter the Instagram draw for a balloon flight to La Garrotxa for one person, to come during the week. This gift can be consumed as well as given to someone else. The flight will be valid for one year to be able to use it.

The draw will take place during the first week of each month to find out the lucky person who will win this unique experience.

Always keep an eye out and watch out if you see our balloons in the sky, as everyone can participate in the monthly draw on Instagram, both people who fly in balloons and people who see us flying and can capture a photo or video of us .

You know, then:


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