Montsacopa volcano, a volcano within the city.

Today we will tell you about one of the volcanoes that is in the middle of the city of Olot. The growth of the city meant that it began to be built around the Montsacopa volcano. Today it is located between the neighborhoods of Sant Francesc, Morrot and Pla de Baix.

This volcano is not the youngest in the region. However, it is one of the youngest in Olot. It was formed about 100,000 years ago. It maintains a completely rounded crater, similar to that of the Santa Margarida volcano. It was formed by two eruptions, a first low explosive and a more explosive one later.

The name of the Montsacopa volcano comes from its shape. It could be defined as a cup-shaped hill. It is also called the Sant Francesc volcano because it has a hermitage with that name in its perimeter.

On the highest part of the volcano we find three buildings, one built in the 17th century and the other two in the 19th century. The oldest is the hermitage of Sant Francesc. Today the hermitage remains and the building where the hermit lived has been turned into a bar. On the other hand, the two other constructions are two watchtowers erected during the French occupation.

As happened with the Croscat volcano, the Montsacopa Volcano suffered soil extraction for many of the constructions that were made in the city. Its proxi until the seventies with the creation of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park.

Currently, at the foot of the volcano, we find the Espai Cràter, a museum where you can discover everything you want about the Montsacopa volcano, the Garrotxa volcanic area and global volcanism.

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