Offer to fly in a balloon in La Garrotxa

With the arrival of winter, many might think that there are less outdoor activities. However, at Vol de Coloms we continue to make the experience. In addition, we have an offer to fly in a balloon over the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone during the months of January and February.

During the winter, La Garrotxa change. The volcanoes become majestic silhouettes, with the fog and frost giving them a mysterious appearance. The promotions to fly in a balloon at this time, will allow you to admire this unique landscape from a perspective that few people have the opportunity to experience.

Taking advantage of these promotions that we do in the months with less tourist arrivals means that your views from the balloon will be free of the crowds that you might find at other times of the year. This provides a more intimate and personal experience, allowing you to connect more deeply with nature.

In the early hours of the morningn the weather conditions are stable and there is less chance of wind. We have the false conception that up in the balloon it will be much colder than it is on the ground, as it happens when we go to a mountain. However, if we are warm with a jacket, hat and gloves, as if we were going for a walk, we will enjoy a beautiful balloon flight with a visibility that we don’t find the rest of the year.

The offer to fly in a balloon in La Garrotxa is a good opportunity to come and live this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We offer discounts on the price for adults, children and accommodation.

Flying in a balloon over the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone during the months of January and February can be a very good option to start the year off on the right foot.

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