The Plaça Mercat, a decade of the new building

This 2024 marks the 10th anniversary of the new building in Plaça Mercat d’Olot. With our philosophy of promoting the territory and home products, this ephemeris serves us to dedicate our space to getting to know more closely the history of the square and each of its pleasures.

We will start with the building that currently houses 21 stops as well as a large supermarket and a car park. The sellers who are installed there say they are delighted to be part of this important commercial axis for Olot. They explain to us that the market square is a meeting place, a place for a walk, where the customer observes the different stalls that are there and where he has almost all the products at hand.

But let’s make history and move to 1906. This year the people of Olotin are beginning to demand an open market where the stalls that, until then, gathered in the Plaça Major, in the open air, can be grouped together.

Work on a new municipal market square would not begin until 30 years later, in 1937. The delay is due to a number of reasons, but mainly to the pressure of the shopkeepers around the current Plaça Major. They were afraid that once the placers left there, their shops would lose sales. Some land is chosen on Carrer Mulleras and construction begins. The country was in the middle of a Civil War and in 1939, claiming that it was a building designed in the middle of the Republic, the Francoist authorities decided to pull it down.

Aware that a space was needed, in 1949 the municipal council approved a new market square project that would be completed in 1954, specifically on Saint Luke’s Day. Over the years, however, the building fell into disrepair and it was decided to demolish it and build a new square that opened in 1976.

This last equipment is the one that precedes the current square. Surely many of you will remember the stairs that gave access to the first floor, intended exclusively for the market. The upper floor was intended for car parking. In this building there was also a place for the Center for Tourist Initiatives and a bar.
But like everything, over the years, the square needed a new remodeling. It is very clear that the place where it is located is ideal and it is decided to build, again, a more practical and modern building.

So, in November 2014, what we could call the fourth building in the Plaça Mercat d’Olot, the work of Land and the architect Simó Roca, was inaugurated. A construction of 3,900 square meters that has already become a model and has received visits from other towns interested in the Olotin proposal. The placers are already thinking about which one they will make to celebrate 10 years of the new market square!

You know, then:

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