Sleep in a tipi in La Garrotxa

Spend a night in a tipi, an experience prepared to live with the children. A different adventure flying in a hot air balloon and sleeping in a tipi like the Native Americans.

The activity starts early in the morning, in Vol de Coloms installations to make the hot air balloon flight. A way to learn and know the region of La Garrotxa with a view that we are not accustomed. 

We can tech and explain to the children the volcano’s formations, the Pyrenees mountains, the Alt Empordà coast… All accompanied by local and quality gastronomy products.

When we finish the flight you can walk for La Fageda d’en Jorda or visit some town that we have seen.

We proposed to you sleep in a tipi, an original accommodation that the kids will love. They can imagine that are in the Great Plains with the Indian and cowboy’s histories. 

Next to the tipi there is a big garden to play and enjoy the magnify views of Vall de Vianya.

A minute walking there is the commune zone, where you find the bathroom and the showers, and a restaurant where you will dinner.

In the morning they bring you the breakfast in the tipi to eat altogether seeing the sunrise and listening how the nature is waking up.

You will live an experience travelling for the region and for the history.

So you know…


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