A different Saint George

A different Saint George, in circumstances that do not allow us to enjoy, as always, this cultural day.

However, there are things that do not change, such as history.

But there are things that can change: the way of life that has touched us closely this 2020.

Changes that are not of our own will but are imposed on us by a very delicate situation.

But history and traditions cannot be changed if you have them firmly rooted.

Saint George is one of those traditions that, no matter how many changes there are, cannot or do not want to change. The legend will not change, its meaning will not change, not will the appointed day on the calendar change.

Every April 23rd the festivity of Saint George, the day of the Patron Saint of Catalonia, is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy to perpetuate this tradition that is based on love and culture.

In addition, April 23rd is the World Book Day promoted by UNESCO since 1995. That is why this day, in addition to the exchange of roses, giving books as a present is the way to commemorate one of the most deeply rooted traditions in the catalan culture.

But this year, the way of living the Saint George festivity will change. Surely there will be no shortage of roses or books for those who are loved or for whom we have a special affection, but the way of living this day, so outstanding for many, will. The street shops on the great walks, boulevards or catalan streets will not be mounted this year. People going up and down with a rose, a bouquet or a book in hand in the middle of the crowd, either.

However, surely this will not make us skip this day, quite the contrary. Confinement has served many of us to be more creative, seek ingenuity and originality to distract ourselves and hang out in a more enjoyable way.

Surely more than one has already thought about how they will make up the rose and in what way they will give it to the loved one, or the one who is already thinking about the metric and the rhyme of the possible verse and poem that they will deliver to those who appreciate .

Every year Vol de Coloms celebrates a very special Saint George. This year may not be but remember that we are here, and we can be a good gift for the person you love to live this unforgettable experience from the heights when all this has happened.

Surely this Saint George will show us more than ever that we love, respect and value ourselves and that … together we will get out of this!

So, you already know …


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