Sleep in a tree house

The experience of sleep in a tree house with kids in La Garrotxa, is a good idea to go out after so many days confined in our houses.

Travel and discover La Garrotxa from two very different points of view. A natural region that will allow you to recover energy and vitality.

The day will start early in the morning, when you will come to the Vol de Coloms facilities to ride in a hot air balloon.

Fly over the region, seeing the natural wealth that characterizes La Garrotxa; volcanoes, forests, rivers, mountains… Magnificent views to teach the kids all that the environment gives us.

Throughout the hot air balloon ride, we also introduce you to the gastronomy of the region. Landscape and gastronomy combined to make the hot air balloon ride, a memorable experience.

After enjoying the balloon flight, you will spend a night in the Quintanic tree house, in the middle of a beech forest.

Located in Vall de Bianya, from the window of the cabin we can see nature in its purest state. Feel the birds wake us up in the morning, feel the energy of the trees that charge us with positivity, contemplate the stars in the darkness of the night…

All inside a cabin ready for a quiet stay with the children.

The tree house has a central room with a double bed for parents and a mezzanine for children, two completely different bedrooms. There is also a balcony and a bathroom.

Sleep in a tree house with kids is a family experience to be in connection with nature.

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