What is the best season to fly in a hot air balloon?

We find in many cases that people come to fly for the first time. Like it’s never been done before, the people had many questions. One of the most common is what is the best season to fly in a hot air balloon?

For us, despite having a lot of experience flying, it is not easy to give an absolute answer either. The landscape is very changeable during the year and depends on each one. See the color of the forests in autumn. See the snowy Pyrenees in winter. See the rebirth of nature in spring. Or see the color contrasts of the farmland in the summer. Deciding between these changes is very personal, depending on what you want to see.

After that you will think, what a great help they have given us, I had a question and now they ask me even more. However, we will give you some help.

At Vol de Coloms we fly all year, we fly from Monday to Sunday from January to December. The activity is always early in the morning, specifically we take off at sunrise. That’s why in winter we leave later and in summer we start earlier.

At this time of the morning it depends on the season, it’s colder. You might think this is a drawback, but not with the world of balloons. We say this because in cold seasons there is always a tendency to have better visibility than in warmer months. These months the atmosphere is cleaner and we don’t usually find haze that prevents us from seeing the more distant landscape, such as Montserrat, Pedraforca or the bay of Roses.

For this reason, for us the best time to fly is winter or the coldest months. We are also lucky that the balloon goes on the wind, so the feeling of cold is equal or better than on the ground. Well dressed with a jacket, gloves, hat and a good pair of socks, you can enjoy a beautiful flight.

It is important also, although not having to cancel many days during the year due to bad weather, the most unstable times are spring and autumn. In winter and summer the weather conditions are more stable and we can fly practically every day.

Although we think that the winter is the time with the best visibility, it is the season that we have the most availability. We have fewer reservations and that it is easier to find availability.

As we have said, it is difficult to decide what is the best season, to fly in a hot air balloon, however we have tried to give some information that may help you decide when to flu over La Garrotxa.

You know, then:

Come and fly when you want, you will enjoy.

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