5 proposed adventures that you will experience in La Garrotxa

Lately our daily life is the sum of a bombardment of messages and sounds. The saturated agendas, the calls that seem endless and the look immersed in the routine. If you have felt identified with the above statements, we dub you a case of “modern cosmopolitan syndrome”. However, if you want to remedy it, we make it very easy for you, because we disconnect you to reconnect with nature.

If you’re one of those people who never takes a break, now’s the time to unplug. In any case, we are aware that many entrepreneurs cannot isolate themselves completely, so we propose 5 getaways to Garrotxa that you can plan to suit:

1. Combine the experience of flying in a hot air balloon over the only volcanoes in Catalonia, and experience them first-hand with a walking tour through the Jordà beech grove, the Santa Margarida volcano and the Croscat volcano.

2. An aerial and wheeled adventure discovering La Garrotxa? If you are a speed lover, this is your choice. Once you land, a 4×4 will pick you up for a route through the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone, you will pass by the Roca Negra Volcano, the Fontpobra viewpoint, Sant Martí Vell and the Can Batlle waterfall.

3. Experience the region of volcanoes in a different way. When you get off the basket of our balloons you will continue the adventure with a volcanic Segway tour through the Croscat volcano to enjoy the splendid panoramic views.

4. The experience continues: after the hot air balloon flight you will have the opportunity to discover the landscape you have seen from the air, now on wheels, with an electric bicycle or tandem pedaling through the Natural Park.

5. The volcanic land offers you endless options to live in nature and it will teach you many things. Start the weekend flying over the places of La Garrotxa and end it by being a shepherd for a day .

After this experience, we can assure you that you will not want to repeat it. We offer you this complete nature adventure package so you can enjoy the best of the region by clicking here !