Ésdansa, the traditional roots dance festival of La Garrotxa

ÉSDANSA is the traditional dance festival that takes place in the town of Les Preses from August 21 to 27, 2017.

To be danced today , a large part of the grid is formative and participatory, where the spectator ceases to be precisely a spectator and becomes a dancer. Ésdansa’T, the festival’s traditional dance workshops, was born from this desire, bringing together the entire training program for both children and adults.

And it is that Ésdansa dances, and invites you to dance, around the 360º of the traditional root dance, from the live dances that are danced in the square, through the works of the esbartas and amateur movements, until reaching the professional dance sector that draws on tradition and traditional roots to create

This year Esdansa sets its sights on the jota with an itinerary full of proposals.

At Ésdansa there will be no shortage of international proposals, you can learn dances from all over the world, such as the Ball de les Inditas of Nicaragua , interbreeding dance to the rhythm of marimba (Tepenahuatl folkloric ballet); the dances of the popular Belarusian summer festivals, the Chilova Tamara, or the Balanta Ksunde, of the Balanta ethnic group from Guinea Bissau , a competition at a frenetic pace

Also the popular dances of the Caucasus , in the north in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria we will discover the Indyrbai dance, a party dance at the end of the harvest and in the south in Iran we will delve into Persian culture with the Iranian wedding dance Bandari Taraneh ( Leymer )

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to learn Aztec dances from Mexico.

We will also see a traditional Catalan dance recital by Esbart Marboleny de les Preses.

Don’t miss Ésdansa ! Here you will find the schedule .

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More information on the website: www.voldecoloms.cat