La Garrotxa: a privileged environment from every possible point of view

La Garrotxa is a region surrounded by a privileged natural environment , the immense Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone, with all the volcanic cones turns the contemplation of the landscape into a memorable experience. Although the volcanoes leave us all speechless, the region is home to medieval towns and unique architectural elements .

Stop hitting the ground running all day and let your inner adventurer fly. The fusion between the green color of the natural areas and the brown tones of the medieval stones make flying over the most beautiful corners of the Garrotxa very special.

We can’t deny that it’s a good combination , and that’s why we offer you a gift package that includes a visit to the historic centers of Santa Pau, Besalú or the modernist Olot, accommodation and a hot air balloon flight, among others many activities that are waiting for you. And you, are you waiting for them?

From Vol de Coloms we make it easy for you, we offer you a complete experience so that you can enjoy the best of the region by clicking here !