After a day of hot air balloon adventure, stay for the full La Garrotxa experience

When the excitement of a great day of flying in a hot air balloon over the Garrotxa volcanoes is over, the focus changes completely, and then it’s time to rest or, quite the opposite, continue with the adventure! Whatever it is, if you are thinking of living this experience, we have prepared a list with the 5 best accommodations in the volcanic lands so that you can personalize this experience.

1. We offer you our selection of unique accommodations, where you can sleep on top of the trees to rest in a glass pavilion that immerses you in nature.

2. If you like to feel at home, you can stay in one of the apartments we propose, where you will have a large space to finish your experience in the region.

3. We present our selection of the best hotels: you can choose the town, the type of facilities and a large collection of different options so that you can make the adventure your own.

4. The repertoire would not be authentic if we did not show you the pensions of the most charming towns in the region, a central location in an urban environment, but fully integrated in nature.

5. And, to finish, but not least, the selection of rural houses located in places with incomparable views and with the possibility of taking spectacular nature walks.

From Vol de Coloms we make it easy for you, we offer you a complete experience so that you can enjoy the best of the region by clicking here !