Lluèrnia, fire and light festival in Olot

Lluèrnia , festival of fire and light , will be celebrated on Saturday November 11 in the city of Olot from sunset to midnight.

It is a festive and participative event organized by Lluèrnia Cultural Association, which is held annually in Olot in the month of November

It remains a short but very intense festival, which wants to be a participative party with fire and light as protagonists, so that they evoke our volcanic environment.

As every year, visual artists and creative professionals from very diverse fields, ,  will accompany the students of Art Schools of Catalonia and of the Iinstitutes and schools of Olot and Garrotxa that, with their ephemeral installations, which have light or fire as the main element, will rediscover everyday spaces with a new look and evoke the link between culture and the natural environment with the fire of the volcanos and the autumn lights.

A total of 50 installations and the final show Big Dancers by the company El Carromato de Cádiz will be presented. Among the 50 we can highlight, as always, the Hort de la Llum , which this year has its first location in Plaça de la Rodes, under the title “O”. This year’s Hortolà is the architecture studio Bosch-Capdeferro , a prestigious studio that in 2010 received the Emerging Architect Special Mention from the European Contemporary Architecture Prize – Mies van der Rohe Award.

Another large-format installation “…the silence after” by Tom Carr , a light sculptor with a long career and international recognition, will accompany us along the basaltic promenade, by the river, in a light itinerary of more than 400 meters which wants to highlight the natural environment.

On Carrer Terrassa, Entreintermitèncias a proposal managed by the festival volunteers that promises to be a real urban surprise, in contrast to the previous installation.
Also part of the program are the proposals of the students of the art and design schools of Olot, Terrassa and Reus, EINA and Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona.

Once again, all the schools in Olot and the surrounding area will participate in a collective installation, Poliorames Mutants, in which, applying techniques from the forerunners of cinema, the students will re-interpret some of the most famous paintings that can be seen at the Garrotxa Museum .

The company Pim, pam, pum, fire ! invites us to visit his place in Cau de diables and like every year AOAPIX presents an immersive installation under the name At the speed of light.

Some artists who have participated in Lluèrnia in previous years repeat with new proposals, such as Gonzalo Martín who presents Mur d’ombres, or Clara Grezner, David Tortajada , the Tandem Trias-Laguarta , and Josep Fernàndez Margalef.

La gredera del Montsacopa will host a large installation of Lola Solanilla , Rooster, hen or chick, for which more than 150 collaborators are needed, which promises to discover a space little known to the general public and reformulate a dreamlike landscape.

We are again proposing a fire installation, with classics of the festival such as the Taller de Magnèsia , which will set up their scenographies inside the Municipal Cemetery with Illuminations.

The ETSAB-UPC group led by Xavier Solsona, who last year presented the award-winning Lavagueram, present this year Hellcome , a suggestive gateway to hell.

Another year, participation in the Transefímers program of the Transversal Network brings to Olot Glòria Gimenez Carrillo from the Granollers MAU, with a fire experiment from the Sterling engine .

Another large format installation, Plan D, designed and built by Xavier Bayona will occupy the Plaza Mayor.

The program also presents several facilities that are very small or that require the purchase of tickets, such as the Twilight show at the Teatre Principal d’Olot, or prior booking given its limited capacity.

One of the activities that will start during the previous week is Lluèrnia Kids , which presents the Llumí de Lluèrnia Kids aimed at the little ones.

Come to la Garrotxa to spend the weekend, enjoy the Lluèrnia festival and on Sunday discover La Garrotxa from the air. you live  the experience of a balloon flight over the volcanoes of Catalonia, in the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park  , and contemplate the landscape dressed in autumn colors.

For more information: www.voldecoloms.cat