Lluèrnia, fire and light festival in Olot

Lluèrnia is an intensive festival, lasting 6 hours, surrounded by fire and light, which aims to become an annual event of strong spectacularity and high popular participation.

At the fire and light festival, visual artists, choreographers, electricians, sculptors, theater companies, designers, musicians, dragons and devils, teachers, boys and girls, neighbors… they will show us the city with a different look, full of light and fire.

Our particular calendar leaves a gap during the month of November that can be filled with the celebration of Sant Martí, Christian sacralization of the tenth March, which is associated with the slaughter of the pig, with the bonanza of the summer of his name, to the hearth, and to the light (the rainbow) and by origin to fire, since it could also be the depaganization of the myth of Prometheus, the hero who takes fire from the gods and gives it to humans.

Lluèrnia is a proposal from Pim Pam Pum Foc!, the group of devils and street shows from Olot, which will act as host and programmer of the festival, in this first edition, under the artistic direction of Pep Fargas and the production and support from Olot City Council through the Institute of Culture of the City of Olot/Teatre Principal d’Olot. The design of the festival aims to conjure up several actions that are spectacular in their concept and participative in their realization, convinced that this formula facilitates the general acceptance of the proposal, by transforming the spectators into protagonists.

Likewise, Lluèrnia is part of the current trend of festive events around fire and light, facilitated by the evolution of spectacular projection and lighting technology, and the conversion of pyrotechnic shows for reasons of safety legislation in shows. As references, despite accepting the differences in format, they could cite the “Fête des Lumieres” which is celebrated annually in Lyon (France), the Festival of Lights which for the first time this year has been incorporated into the Santa Festivities Eulàlia from Barcelona, ​​the “Mapping Festival” in Ginebre (Switzerland) You can’t miss, Lluèrnia, the festival of fire and light that takes place in Olot on Saturday 7 November.