From music to Flight of Pigeons

They say that music is one of the greatest pleasures we have as human beings. And it is that people are born with many different capacities. We all have more talent for one thing or another, but when it comes to music, almost everyone loves and needs it. The shower is that great ally where the acoustics and the alibi come together to give the best musical version of ourselves. And it is that we bring it to the genes, from those who have not the slightest sense of rhythm to the absolute ear (those people who have a great facility for the musical world due to their ability to identify elements highly relevant to music ).

The popular proverb is full of popular expressions about music, such as: “It’s music to my ears.” Coincidentally, today would have been the birthday of the Austrian composer Franz Schuber . At Vol de Coloms we love our territory. It is a pleasure to see the places that our culture contains. In addition, on all the flights we offer there is the possibility to accompany you with music, among other services such as local gastronomy.

Take off with Vol de Coloms and enjoy a unique experience for all five senses in a unique and majestic territory .

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