Than a flight to Flight of Pigeons

They say two don’t argue if one doesn’t want to. And it is that people often lose focus influenced by fear. There are many things that can make us lose our minds, such as sports. At times, certain fans’ outbursts have been in the news. Very popular have been the discussions between the followers of the football world in Argentina with the followers of River and Boca .

If we remember Guardiola ‘s Barça and José Mourinho ‘s Madrid , many people will agree that during that time there was a lot of tension. .

A game of chess can make us lose our oremus and a game of monopoly, too. There are many things that people do to relax, but to isolate themselves from the routine and disconnect there is nothing like doing a different activity in the middle of nature. And to disconnect there is nothing better than flying in a hot air balloon through our beloved region of Garrotxa .

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