The Volcanic Cuisine, a pleasure for the palate.

In the past, our ancestors called the Garrotxa rough, broken and unsightly land. Years later the territory has been evolving and those steep lands have become one of the most precious treasures of the land of volcanoes.

In the middle of the cold and misty days of autumn, we can see how a fertile and rich land opens up at our feet and presents us with a unique gastronomy rooted in the territory and its people. Local and indigenous cuisine that reflects the culture and environment of this place.

La Cuina Volcànica was born in 1994, when the restaurants of the region opted for the products of their land, such as beans from Santa Pau, potatoes from Olot, truffles, chestnuts, pigs, snails and ratafia. Dishes that have become a cultural reference of the territory and its people . The character of our volcanic cuisine will never be missing from the table. We invite you to enjoy the Olotí landscape and especially to taste the cuisine that our lands provide us.